5 Ways To Raise Money For Your Favorite Charity

5 Ways To Raise Money For Your Favorite Charity


Charity golf tournaments can help you to raise a lot of money, but in order to arrange all the necessary donations and players, it is a good idea to form a committee with other people who want to help your chosen cause. You may find that local businesses are interested in donating appropriate tournament prizes in exchange for their name being clearly displayed on your adverts and signs. Meanwhile, you can also get some general advice from most golf courses with good reputations, as they will probably be used to helping with the organization of charity events and will know what works well. Usually, charity golf tournaments involve around eighteen groups of four golfers, each starting on different holes so that the tournament takes less time. As a result, a charity tournament necessitates hiring a whole golf course, so you will need to charge an entry fee that more than covers the costs of organizing your event. In addition, you can raise some extra funds by organizing a raffle and by selling snacks.


Bake sales provide an extremely productive and fun way to raise money for charity. If you get together with a few other people who support your favorite charity, you can make huge numbers of different types of cookies, muffins, and frosted cupcakes. Baked goods are surprisingly cheap to make when you buy your supplies in bulk, so you stand to make a large profit. Another particularly good reason to choose a bake sale is that the success of the event does not actually depend on people supporting your particular charity. While some people who buy your cakes will do so because they see you are working to support a good cause, others will just want a tasty snack. In order to hold a successful bake sale, follow the advice given above regarding auctions. In other words, make sure you hand out flyers, put up posters, and sell your goods in a busy area that many people will pass through.


Firstly, find a good place to hold your auction, picking a time and date that is likely to attract plenty of bidders. Next, decide exactly what you want to auction. One of the most popular auctioning styles involves accumulating small but attractive items from supporters of the charity, but if you want to be a bit more adventurous you can choose to hold an ‘auction of promises’ that is based around people bidding for the time or skills of particular people. If you can find lots of volunteers, you can auction things such as piano lessons, gardening skills, and dog walking. In addition to holding the auction at a good time, make sure that you publicize your event around your town. For example, display flyers in local stores and hand them out on the street.


Charity dog washes are an excellent way to collect funds, and they are especially perfect if you happen to be supporting an organization that tries to prevent animal cruelty or rehome unwanted pets. Speak to the representatives of some local veterinary practices and find out which employees might want to participate in your event, as some of them may be keen to provide additional grooming services and (for example) dental checks. On the day, provide plenty of snacks, drinks, and pet supplies (such as collars, leads, and treats), and then donate the proceeds of these sales to your charity as well.


Garage sales are another classic way to make money for charity, and they continue to be popular because they provide you with an easy way to get rid of unwanted items at the same time as raising cash for a good cause. Books, clothing, jewelry, furniture, and toys are particularly easy to sell at garage sales, and if you spread your sale over two days you can start to reduce the prices if you find it hard to shift certain items.