Welcome to Silver Compass Advisors.

Welcome to Silver Compass Advisors. As independent financial advisors, we create objective, customized wealth planning strategies to help manage, preserve, and coordinate inter-generational transfers for our clients.

We are committed to helping individuals and families pursue their goals through what is most important to them, their personal values. We take great pride in helping our clients organize the demands of managing wealth in order to allow them to devote time to business and family.

Silver Compass Advisors is an independent firm. We organize your assets, insurance, liabilities, and estate documents to help simplify, consolidate, and integrate every aspect of your financial future.

Does my direction of wealth fit me?

Our purpose is to essentially help our clients develop a vivid and personal answer to the question, “What is the money for?” Or, put another way, “What will my wealth allow my family to experience?” There are common answers to this question such as necessities and shelter, but beyond these basics, the answer to this question is deeply personal.

Forming a direction for your wealth to follow and build toward gives you and your family a chance to communicate, educate and empower. We believe having a direction for wealth is crucial for a successful transfer of assets and values.